Head Coach: Todd Matkin


#0  Laura Gensert (2023)

#1   Karsyn Huss (2024)

#5   Delaney Matkin (2023)

#10  Payton Burda (2023)

#11   Bree Bunting (2023)

#13  Bella Schilling (2023)

#30  Sabrina Harsh (2023)

#32  Sam Darnell (2023)

#33 Abby Saville​ (2023)

#40 Miranda Wiedeman (2023)

Tournament Schedule:
-Fall League & Tournaments 2020

   -Power to Play Fall League

   - Power to Play Fall Finals (12/12)

-Spring 2021

    -Power to Play TBD  (4/3-4/4)

     -**Arizona Elite Showcase (4/23-4/25)

     -Power to Play TBD (5/1-5/2)

     -**Dallas or USJN TBA Showcase (5/14-5/16)

-Spring 2021

     -**USJN Indianapolis (7/5-7/8)

     -**Nike TOC Chicago (7/10-7/12)

     -**USJN Denver Mtn. Madness (7/24-7/26)

'17-'18 Finishes /Awards
'18-'19 Finishes /Awards
'19 - '20 Finishes /Awards
2017-2018 Accomplishments 
-PTP Tournament May 19-21st (1st Place Finish )
-PTP Summer League (June 5-27th)(1st Place in)
-MAYB Arvada, CO. (July 14-16th) (2nd Place)
-MAYB Denver, CO (October 21st) (1st Place)
-MAYB Denver, CO (December 2nd) (1st Place)
-PTP Fall Championships (Dec. 16-17) (2nd Place)
-MAYB Denver (Jan. 13th) (1st Place)
-MAYB Denver (Feb. 3rd) (1st Place)
-Scottsbluff Open Ball Lions Club Classic (Feb. 17th-18th) (2nd Place)
-Power to Play Winter Finals (1st Place)
-iHoop Nation Spring Showdown (1st Place)
-Reebok Mile High Showdown (1st Place)
-Power to Play June Summer League (1st Place)
-Arizona Summer Blast (2nd Place)
-Las Vegas Jr. Fab 48 (2nd Place)
2018-2019 Accomplishments 
-iHoop Nation Fall Classic (1st Place)
-RiseUp Sports Halloween Bash (1st Place)
-iHoop Rocky Mountain Gauntlet (1st Place)
-iHoop Xmas Jam (1st Place)
-Power to Play Fall Finals (2nd Place)
-Power to Play Winter League Season (1st Place)
-Power to Play Winter League Tournament (1st Place)
-USJN Rocky Mountain Challenge Denver (1st Place)
-AAU Jam On It West Coast Nat. Champ. (1st Place)
-USJN Mountain Madness Nat. Champ. (1st Place)
2019 - 2020 Accomplishments 
-iHoop Nation Cheyenne Hoopfest (1st Place)
-USJN Indianapolis (1st in Pool)
-Nike Tournament of Champions 15U (1st Place)
-Power to Play Varsity Div. Tier II (1st Place)
-USJN Mountain Madness Denver 15U (1st Place)
-Power to Play Varsity Summer League (1st Place)
    Bella Schilling (5-4)
      Abby Saville (5-9)
     Sabrina Harsh (5-11)
      Karsyn Huss (5-4)
     Bree Bunting (5-8)
Laura Gensert (5-9)