Parent Testimonials:

"Coach Matkin was very instrumental in our daughter's basketball development from 5th grade until high school where she lettered in basketball for four years.  He always strove for and went out of his way to provide the best coaching for not only our daughter but also other families, while making it as cost effective as he possibly could, which helped us out very much!  He always gave everything he had to develop her not only as a basketball player but also as the best person she could be.  He was one of two teachers/coaches at her high school whom our daughter chose to recognize for teacher appreciation night because of what he meant to our daughter.  For his efforts we are forever grateful."

                                                                                                       ~Eccher Family

                                                                                                 (Former Family w/ a Senior Daughter @ RMHS)

"Triple Threat is committed to developing the WHOLE player through instilling core values such as hardwork, team play, and accountability at a an affordable price.  We have been very pleased with our daughters improvement."

                                                                                                        ~Kravig Family

"We were wanting to find a good challenging atmosphere for our son to learn the game of basketball and we found it with the Triple Threat organization.  The coaching staff has done a great job in teaching him the necessary skills to enhance his basketball experience.  He has made lifetime friendships with his teammates and coaches."

                                                                                                       ~McFarland Family


"Coach Todd is determined to help players improve and reach their potential.  He is knowledgeable, organized, and works hard to build relationships with his athletes and their families."

                                                                                                      ~Long Family

                                                                                     (Former Family w/ Daughter playing at Colorado School of Mines)


"Noco Triple Threat is a top notch organization. All of the coaching is high quality and the players improve with this program.  The tournaments that are selected by Noco Triple Threat for our players are chosen for a reason, it is not just one picked out of the air. A coach has experienced the tournament before and knows first hand that this tournament is well run and will challenge our players.  Thanks Todd for starting this great basketball program and giving our kids this opportunity!"

                                                                                                     ~Schmer Family

Player Testimonials:

"Playing for Coach Matkin was my first experience in AAU basketball – essentially, it was the first time I realized the competition and opportunities available. Club basketball revealed to me the importance of pursuing basketball outside of what is offered through school programs. It only took one practice with Coach Matkin and already I was given this new insight on the level of competition possible. Club basketball with Coach Matkin provided this.  Coach Matkin produced an environment that built skills I previously paid little attention to, he helped me build a resilience through challenging me in new ways, while creating a competitive hunger that drove me to do what I needed to do to get better – to be better.  Coach Matkin in particular was a huge part in introducing my family and I to this new world of basketball and what exactly this opportunity meant. Coach Matkin is the kind of coach you hope for. He’s the coach that pushes you beyond what you’re comfortable with and gets after you when he feels you are not playing to the level he knows you are capable of playing at. By the same note, he’s the coach that jokes with you and knows just what to say when you need to hear it. He’s a coach that has turned into a friend beyond basketball. The thing both my family and I were most thankful for was how genuine he was, and still is. Throughout my experience not once did I question Coach Matkin’s intentions or doubt that his priority was helping me achieve all that I could and wanted to.  Both the program and Coach Matkin showed me what was possible and provided me with the tools to achieve it."

                                                                                                        ~Kaylee Johnson (Natrona County H.S. Graduate)

                                                                                (Former Player & Collegiate Standout/Graduate Stanford University)

"In our lives, there are many incredible people who inspire and mold our character and future. These mentors and leaders come in all shapes and forms, never failing to provide motivation and advice. For me one of my inspiration was Coach Matkin. I was only fortunate to have Coach Matkin for a season my junior year in high school. Having him as a coach would not only change my outlook, and love for basketball but also teach me life lessons I would continue to enforce throughout my life forever. Coach Matkin always  pushed me to be the best I can be, especially in times when I was closest to giving up. At every turn, he wanted me to reach my fullest potential and exceed even my own expectations. In the moments I was close to the breaking point, close to quitting, but I always had teammates and coaches picking me up this taught me how to work and play for something greater then myself. Coach Matkin always offered wise words and and invaluable lesson I still hold close to my heart today; in those moments and so many more, I was most thankful. Coach Matkin not only pushed me mentally and physically everyday I stepped on the court but he also taught me how to hold myself accountable mentally and physically when no one was watching.  Coach Matkin always believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself at times, and he always knew how to bring out that spark in me.  Coach Matkin has not only taught me how to push past mental boundaries but he has also taught me drills and fundamental skill I add to my tool belt playing at the collegent level.  Coach Matkin is a huge influence on the person I am today and has taught me the true meaning of success. With every word spoken, I was altered and made a better, more successful person. Whether I made a serious mistake or saved the game in the final seconds. He was always there to show me where I could improve and how to achieve the next level of success.  His influence goes far beyond the court, extending into the classroom, relationships, and personal confidence. Without Coach Matkin, I would not be the person and player I am today. For all this and so much more, I am forever thankful to have been coached by Coach Matkin."

                                                                                                           ~Sara Jones (Rocky Mountain H.S. Graduate)

                                                                              (Former Player and Current Collegiate Player @ Holy Names Univ.)


"I played for Coach Matkin for 3 years of high school, and even before I got to Rocky Mountain I felt like I was a part of the program. Matkin worked to integrate every player that came into his program into his winning system. I started working out with Matkin and coming to open gyms before my eighth grade year ended because Matkin relentlessly encouraged us to work hard and become the best, most unified team that we could be. Every season that I played for Matkin he would take a team with very few girls that considered themselves solely basketball players, and turn us into one of the most scrappy, aggressive, and tactical teams in the state. On a personal level, Matkin let me into the gym and worked out with me on my own and with my teammates throughout my time playing for him- he even still offers to rebound for me. He went above and beyond to make the most out of our June tournaments and open gyms, take us on trips around the country, teach us the game of basketball, and evaluate hours of our game film. Additionally, Matkin was integral in helping me become a college basketball player at the Colorado School of Mines. Today, I have not played for Matkin for over 3 years, but he continues to reach out to me, keeps up with me as an athlete and as a person, and the memories that I made while playing for him are some of the best of my career."

                                                                             ~Lena Long-Shore (Rocky Mountain H.S. Graduate)

                                                                     (Former Player and Current Collegiate Player @ Colorado School of Mines)

"I was privileged to be coached by Todd Matkin for about 2 club seasons and built a great friendship with him for about 6 years now. He was probably the best coach that I've ever played for because he knew how to push me even when I felt uncomfortable or unable to do the drill he was asking.   He saw my talent and never gave up hope on what I could achieve with my size. No matter how well I did in a game he told me all the things I still needed to improve on. Which I believe every great player needs that reality and hunger to be the best basketball player. Honestly if it wasn't for him I would've never thought of playing college ball, let alone a full ride to a Division 2 school and let me remind you for only being 5'1. Todd is very motivated to win but even more motivated to make players realize their potential and help them be the best players and people they can be both on and off the court."

                                                                          ~Gabby Ramirez (Roosevelt H.S. Graduate)

                                                         (Former Club Player and Collegiate Standout @ Univ. Colorado-Colorado Springs)

"Coach Todd Matkin worked with me for about two seasons through AAU and I grew as a player more in those two seasons than the rest of my career combined. He does an amazing job teaching players fundamental skills as well as aspects of the game that few coaches I worked with before or that I have worked with after, ever did. I would not have had the chance to play at the collegiate or professional level if it was not for him. We have also kept our relationship for almost 10 years and I now am a part of his coaching staff which has been an awesome experience as well. He has taught me so much about the game on and off the court and I would recommend his program to any player looking to advance their skills and basketball career. Triple Threat is a great place to develop not only as a player, but as a person too!"

                                                                         ~Tori Fisher (University H.S. Graduate)

                                                       (Former Club Player and Collegiate Standout @ Univ. Colorado Colorado Springs)

                                                        (Professional Basketball Player in Germany and Australia)